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How to Know If Your Dreams of Becoming a Millionaire Will Never Come True

7 Signs your dreams of becoming a millionaire will never come true.

By Grant Cardone, Self Made Millionaire, Author, and Real Estate Expert

Do you hold your breath every time you check your bank account balance? 

Are you shocked when your monthly credit card statement arrives?

Do you think you’re earning a good salary until you see how little is left over after taxes and expenses?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re not as good at managing your money as you could be…

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Here are 7 signs that you need to improve the way you handle your money:

  • You only have one stream of income 

Not monitoring how much much money goes in and out of our accounts is like riding in a car with nobody behind the wheel. Keeping track of your monthly income and expenses is essential to financial security. If you’re spending more than you’re making, a thorough review of your expenses will help you get rid of the non-essentials and get on the road to financial stability. 

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  • You focus more on saving than earning 

There’s good debt like investing in your future to build wealth. Then there’s bad debt that comes from excessive credit card use and the resulting high interest rates. Paying those rates is like throwing money out the window. The more you use the plastic the deeper into debt you go until it’s almost impossible to pay it off. If you have credit card debt, pay it down as quickly as possible. Make this your top priority. The money you’re paying in interest could be used for real investments.

  • Buying pretty things you don’t need 

Once again, if you don’t keep track of your monthly expenses, both fixed and variable, how can you manage your money? Don’t get lulled into a false security because of autopay and think you can ignore your bills. Keeping on top of your bills means no unexpected phone calls from debt collectors or other unpleasant surprises. It also means a bigger chance of having something left over to invest.

  • You give into comfort 

Anyone who knows me understands that I don’t save money. I store it until I can invest it, most often in real estate. Saving money in a bank earns you next to nothing with today’s interest rates but regardless of whether you save or invest, you’ve got to put some money away whenever you earn it. 10% of your net income is a good place to start. You’d be surprised at how quickly it can add up. When it does, then you can multiply it like I did.

7 Signs Your Dreams of Becoming a Millionaire Will Never Come True
  • You prefer safety over prosperity 

Are you struggling to pay your bills? Think you’ll have to work forever because you won’t be able to retire? When’s the last time you spent money on something fun? If questions like these are constantly stressing you out, it’s time for a change which means it’s time for a change of strategy. People who manage their money rarely have to worry about it.

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  • You’re not investing in income-producing assets

I know what you’re thinking. “How can I invest when I can’t even pay my bills?” I’ve got news for you. Very few investors (including me) invest entirely with their own money. Borrowing money to invest is the kind of debt that gets you somewhere, unlike credit card debt. Even in this economy there are opportunities particularly in real estate, which I know a thing or two about. 

  • You’ve got no emergency fund.

Safety net. Backup. Money cushion. Whatever you call it, you need to have money on the side for emergencies because they happen to us all sooner or later. Not having any money put away means you’ll have to put it on the card when an unexpected situation occurs. That means getting deeper in debt. Plus, there might be some situations where you can’t just break out the plastic. What if you and your family have to flee a natural disaster that’s knocked out the power? Scenarios like this make it vital to have some sort of backup funds. The only way to make that happen is responsible money management.  

Look, I get it. I know what it’s like to stretch a dollar and live paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes I didn’t even have a paycheck. When I started out I didn’t know anything about managing money because I had no money to manage. But when I had finally had enough of being broke and struggling, I began to study people who had money and what they did with it. Then I became disciplined and put what I learned into practice. Now, when it comes to money I can tell you I don’t worry about it. I think about how I can multiply it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. 

7 Signs Your Dreams of Becoming a Millionaire Will Never Come True

If you want to learn how to manage your money, grow your income, transform your life or achieve any other goal, I can show you how to make it happen in my 10X Income Webclass.

-Grant Cardone


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Effective Leadership Begins With the Reflection in the Mirror

How to become an effective leader by looking at yourself.

Published 1 day ago

on Aug 17, 2020

By Ken Kladouris

Image Credit: Unsplash


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Our global community is facing continuous turbulence. With the current status being less of a new normal and more of a “no normal,” being able to skillfully navigate as a leader has become a top priority. While trying to stay focused above the noise, manage your personal life, and adapt to new work-life adjustments, you may also be in a position to manage a team, composed of individuals who are also going through troubling uncertainty.

The stark reality is that in order to operate effectively as a leader, you must first start with the reflection in the mirror. It is paramount that each leader develop ways to manage their own heightened emotions and stressors in order to thrive – not just survive – in our distressed global climate.

Now more than ever, making intentional decisions to manage one’s emotional and mental state is vital to attaining clarity, cultivating ideas, and constructively handling day to day interactions. With the relentless negative news and an environment which is subject to drastic change on a daily or hourly basis, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Fear, doubt and defeat have a funny way of sneaking in at times when hope, conviction and problem solving are actually what is needed most.

“Never lose hope. Never forget the power of intentions and desires.” – Debasish Mridha

In a leadership role, everyone from peers to team members and ownership look to you as the true north – the person who can help get their ship back on course, mitigate damage along the way, and outline the path forward. Therefore, it is crucial that the captain of the ship remains calm and collected, instilling confidence that they have the ingenuity and grit to navigate the storm and bring everyone out safely on the other side. So the question becomes, how can you do that when your own emotions and stressors are at an all-time high?

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Leaders also realize that active listening is key when managing others – after all, people need to feel heard and in order to guide someone, knowing where they stand is half the battle. This means you need to be present in the conversations taking place – not distracted and consumed by the turbulence swirling around you.

As we look to a future that is riddled with uncertainty, cultivating an active daily practice to manage perspective is an essential part of establishing well-being. After all, your perspective has great influence over your decisions, the teams you manage, and the overall health of the companies you represent. So the healthier your mind is and the more thoughtfully your emotions are managed, the better your decision making ability will be to help you navigate the unknown. It will also help you lead by example so your team can embrace similar practices to elevate their overall mental and emotional state.

They often say the simplest of things are the hardest – this is what many people think of first when they think of meditation. However, daily meditation of just 20 minutes has been shown to provide mental clarity that lasts through the work day and compounds upon itself.

This practice can be cultivated by simply doing the following:

  1. Choose a time frame every day that you will dedicate to meditation. It’s ideal if you can do your meditation right after waking up.
  2. Create a calm, quiet place in your home to meditate where you will not be interrupted.
  3. When you go to meditate, make sure your phone is on silent. If you feel you need to set your timer, be sure that it is a soft sound otherwise it may startle you.
  4. Sit in an easy comfortable position, close your eyes, and simply breathe. Deepen each breath with every inhale. Let stress, anxiety and fear go with every exhale.
  5. Repeat this for 20 minutes allowing your thoughts to come and go and your mind to settle. It will seem noisy in your mind at first, but over time your thoughts will seem more like a soft song and less like a rock concert rolling loudly around in your mind.
“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee
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This practice for many has become a cornerstone of their daily routines – setting the stage for “successful” days and productive weeks. We all have challenging emails, calls, conversations and beyond in both our personal and professional lives. So being able to harness a calm state of mind and a balanced set of emotions will allow you to lead better, dream bigger, think outside the box and help model healthy behaviors for your team, your circle and beyond.

While appearing simple, choosing 20 minutes a day for your 2020 practice – a mere 1% of your day – may challenge you, however, this active practice will reveal amplified results, creating a  profound ripple effect into a positive future.

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What do you think makes an effective leader? Share your thoughts with us below!


How To Know If You Are a Proactive or Reactive Salesperson

The new norm is there is no norm.


The new norm is there is no norm. Did you wake up this past January and think that 2020 would be what it is now? Probably not. This is causing a real problem, because it’s making too many salespeople be reactive in nature. You can’t afford to be reactive. More than ever in this point in time, you must be proactive. I wrote the book, A Mind For Sales, where I stress the importance of having a proactive mindset. Believe it or not, you can’t control what’s going on out there. I can’t either. Neither one of us knew what would transpire over the last 60 to 90 days and we have no idea what will unfold over the next 60 to 90 days. 

Video – Are You a Proactive or a Reactive Salesperson? 

The problem I see is too many salespeople hunkering down and saying, “I’m just going to take care of existing customers. I’m going to just react to what’s happening out there.” If this is you, I urge you to stop now. This is the time, more than ever, to be proactive. You probably wonder how you can be proactive when you can’t determine what will happen in the future, but you know what? You do have control over what you’re going to do, and you can help control what your customers and prospects choose to do too. 

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Be proactive in bringing ideas and solutions to your customers. More than ever, you need to be their R and D, (research and development) Department right now. You need to reach out to prospects because you need to be the one that helps them with the many decisions they need to make. Since we’re in the middle of summer, I know how easy it can be to just kick back, relax a bit, and just wait until fall to see how things evolve. However, you don’t know what will happen – good or bad. If you’re not proactive, you will waste valuable time. 

Starting right now, work on getting out of the reactive mode and into the proactive mode. Be proactive in bringing ideas to your existing customers and helping them find solutions. Most importantly, be especially proactive with your prospects. If you don’t control your future, why should anybody else try to control it for you? You own your future. You own your success. It all starts by being proactive with how you reach out and do sales every day, every hour.

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In my book, A Mind For Sales, I share that being a successful salesperson really comes down to your mind because your mind is your greatest asset. Learn how to develop a proactive mindset to change your mind for the better.

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3 Powerful Methods Anyone Can Use to Create Real Results and Succeed Faster


Published 1 hour ago

on Aug 13, 2020

By Shawn Lim

Image Credit: Unsplash


Can you really create real results and succeed fast? In short, the answer is yes. As long as you follow the right method and do it in the right way, you can produce extraordinary success as quickly as possible.

Richard L. Evans once said, “Your direction is more important than your speed.” And he is absolutely right. First, you don’t want to be chasing the wrong thing. You don’t want to pour all your effort to climb the ladder only to discover that you’re leaning against the wrong wall.

Second, you want to make sure your hard work is going to be fruitful. For example, if your goal is to see the sunrise, there is no point to keep running west. No matter how fast you run, you will only get to the wrong place.

Therefore, you want to make sure you use the right approach to achieving the success you want. And here are the 3 powerful methods to help you create the results you want and get you the success you want in the shortest time possible.

1. Heighten Your Self-Awareness

This is one of the most important keys to success. If you are not aware of what you want or what you did wrong, you will never get the success you desire. Think about it, if you are a basketball player and you want to become the best on your team, but you aren’t aware that your shooting skill needs improvement, guess what will happen? You can’t improve and you will fail at your goal.

Therefore, you must be aware of what you want, how to get it, and how to improve yourself to do better. Most people are sleepwalking in their jobs. They have no idea what they want out of life. They repeat what they do day-in and day-out, feeling stuck, stressed, and getting nowhere.

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. Hence, the first step to creating outstanding success is to be aware of it. Be aware of what you want, how to get it, and where you need to improve to achieve the results you want.

This is why you need to have a vision, set goals, review them daily, and then keep yourself in the loop until you achieve the success you desire.

Most people are not successful because they are not aware of their current situation and they don’t actively chase the results they want. They fall into the rat race and do what most people are doing. Raise your self-awareness for what you want and pay attention to the results you desire. Understand what you want, how to get it, and what must you improve to attain it.

“Self-awareness is one of the rarest of human commodities. I don’t mean self-consciousness where you’re limiting and evaluating yourself. I mean being aware of your own patterns.” – Tony Robbins


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2. Apply the 90-90-1 Rule

Next, apply the 90-90-1 Rule in your everyday life. I first learned about this rule from Robin Sharma, the best-selling author of The 5 AM Club. This rule is simple to understand, but not easy to stick to it. Here’s what you need to do. For the next 90 days, spend your first 90 minutes working on your number one priority.

Studies have shown that to form a new habit, you need to repeat it for at least 66 days. And if you can work on your goals for the next 90 days, you will be able to transform your action into habits.

Plus, you want to spend the first 90 minutes of each day working on your number one priority or project. You see, we’re living in a distracting world. And one great way to get rid of all the distractions is by working on our priority first thing in the morning.

When you follow this rule, you get to work on your most important thing first thing in the morning. This will make sure you are putting in the effort to create real results. If something is important for you, you want to make sure you work on it first thing. Hence, schedule your time and work on your goal in the first 90 minutes of your day.

Next, you want to make sure to only focus on just one goal or project. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin by focusing on too many goals. If you are committed to creating extraordinary success, put your focus on just one thing, and work on it relentlessly.

If you follow the 90-90-1 Rule and you work on your number one priority for 90 minutes for 90 days straight, trust me, you will see significant results by the end of the 3 months.

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3. Commit to Never-Ending Improvement

The third method to create explosive growth fast is to commit to never-ending improvement. The only way you can continue to do better and make progress is through improvement. If you continue to do what you do, you will continue to get the same old results. Unless you change the way you do things, nothing is going to change.

As I mentioned above, you want to work hard and at the same time, you want to also make sure your hard work will pay off. You don’t want to be working on something that isn’t going to get you the result you want.

“You’ve got to have rules to live by, and one of mine is always say yes. Put yourself in danger of something amazing happening to you.” – Tom Bilyeu

For example, if you want to lose weight, walking 10,000 steps a day may be a plan of yours, but if you only rely solely on walking, it may not be the most effective way. Thus, you need to identify your approach and understand how to get the most out of your strategy and what you do.

This is why you must consistently learn and improve. And the easiest way is through learning from others. Study how others who have done it before and replicate their success. You can’t learn everything on your own, you need to leverage on other people’s experiences.

It is possible to achieve amazing results and create the success you desire in life, fast. But you must do the right thing and work hard on the right plan. Use these 3 powerful methods and you will be able to achieve the extraordinary success you seek.



Shawn Lim

Shawn Lim is the founder of StunningMotivation.com and he’s a passionate blogger in the personal development industry who has inspired thousands to pursue their dreams and follow their passions. You can learn more about him plus download a free copy of his guidebook, Reach Your Goals on his website.